This year has been so very busy with lots of exciting events in the fashion world and it has been hard to find the time to share all my stories!

One of the most exciting events was during the summer month of July (apart from my birthday and summer holidays) was when I met Mlle Paola in Paris Haute Couture Week.  We have been friends for a while and collaborators through Instagram – we speak daily on the phone to keep up with the latest news from each side of the world!

We were over joyed to finally meet each other. It is not easy to find that new connection and be able build a great friendship.  Our followers were really excited for us to have met up in Paris and there were plenty of reposts of our pictures together.  We ended up meeting everyday while at Paris Haute Couture Week either at shows and followed by late evening dinners – it was certainly the highlight of my trip.

Those of you who don’t know Paola?  She is based in Beirut and started off her online boutique with collections that are selected by her and styled her way, she shares the looks on Instagram @mlle_paola.  Her daily snaps on Snapchat: MllePaola have been very popular due to an amazing personality and truly a genuine character – she shares tips on beauty, advice on relationships, cute daily activities and has this charisma that everyone loves.  Therefore she started her own Youtube channel which I am already hooked on and wanted to share it with my Lollipop readers.

Pictures from our Parisian trip and one of her new video that I greatly enjoyed.

Maya-Williams wearing Natalia Kaut at Ilja PFW SS16

What I wore: Rainbow Dress: Natalia Kaut Neon Lime Bag: Christian Louboutin – Neon Lime Shoes: Dior.

Maya Williams wearing Natalia Kaut at the Ilja SS16 -PFW Maya Williams with Mlle Paola at PFW-Haute-Couture-Week-SS16-2 Maya Williams with Mlle Paola at PFW-Haute-Couture-Week-SS16-1 Maya Williams with Mlle Paola at PFW-Haute-Couture-Week-SS16-5 Maya Williams with Mlle Paola at PFW-Haute-Couture-Week-SS16-3 Maya Williams with Mlle Paola at PFW-Haute-Couture-Week-SS16-4 Mlle-Paola with Maya-Williams and Nikki Hilton-PFW

Just before our dinner at Hotel Costes  we bumped into Nicky Hilton above and well known stylist Erica Pelosini below – I had a little talk with Erica about her wedding in Capri at JK Place, the same hotel I stayed at the year of her wedding, what a wonderful place.


Paola’s first video – tips on how she applies her make-up.

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