I have shared many times on Snapchat about my preferences for carrying small practical, pretty bags that are light and will help you put less in your bag. I have had many problems in the past with my shoulders for the reasons of carrying big bags filling them in things that I never use or need.

The item that most girls always have, is a whole make-up bag! Not only does it add huge weight but 90% of girls ONLY take one item out to use to refresh their make-up through out the day or night. I personally only refresh my lipstick therefore it’s a must have item in my bag and the rest can stay at home.

As most of you know I am huge online shopper – so I added favourite picks of this month from shopbop.com.


Cross Body Bag: Carven  – I love cross body mini bags, they are the perfect style just for your needed essentials and this mint shade is so fresh and just in time for spring.

Sunglasses: Fendi  – Cat eye sunnies are so in trend, wearing them in a casual style can add a fashionable touch to the look. I never like to put my sunglasses over my head when I take them off to avoid widening the frame, instead I keep them in my bag.

Gloves: Diane Von Furstenberg – The British weather hasn’t quite come around for spring time yet – stylish gloves are a must have to keep my hands warm and prevent the skin from dryness.

Lipstick / Moisturiser: Yves Saint Laurent  – I recently talked about this lipstick on Snapchat and noticed there was a lot of interest from the screen captures. I have been using it for a while and have it in different shades. What I love most is how it adds a tint of colour and moisturises my lips at the same time.

Hair Tie: Vanessa Arizona  – I love having my hair open but often tie it on the go! Using playful hair tie’s somehow reminds me of being a little girl.

Card Holder: Diane Von Furstenberg  – Since I carry lots of mini cross bags, I have a number of funky colourful card holders. They are the perfect fit for small bags and let’s be real cards is all what we need!

Shopbop ships internationally including Dubai…

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