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Pregnancy is such an exciting and beautiful time, but it does have its ups and downs!  Mostly the down side that women worry about is their bodies and a frequent question I am asked by my followers is what products are best to use in order to avoid stretch marks? 

From the beginning it is very important to keep your body moisturised day and night using natural products.  You must make sure all parts of the body are fully moisturised.   I am now at 7 months and thankfully due to the products I have been using I don’t have a single stretch mark.

I discovered Unity Beauty Essentials by chance and loved the luxurious nourishing effect instantly.  It is a new brand that not many of you know about and I can highly recommend their products.  What I love most is that they are non-greasy and fast drying.   The effect is long lasting as I can feel the moisture on my body throughout the day.

The products to use:

Daily Body Hydrator: Light weight hydrator is like a tall drink of water for the skin, I use it for all over my body and helps protect the skin from dehydration. Filled with Indian gooseberry extract (considered a super fruit for pregnancy), avocado oil and sweet almond oil, it is the perfect addition to prenatal body care routines.

Complete Duo: I focus this product for my front body, all over belly and back.  It is a wonderful hydrator for me and has two benefits in one product, a cream gel plus oil formula feels as good as it looks.  The water based cream works on the surface while the nutrients in the oils penetrate into skin helping to prevent and reduce the risk of stretch marks while improving skin elasticity. 

Intensive Body Nourisher: Is a luxurious rich hydrator for repairing dry skin, it provides an immediate relief, the equivalent of a hug in a tub. I love using it before bed time and the scent is calming and comforting or after swimming as my skin gets very dry.  It is made with a combination of mango, seed butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil and Indian gooseberry extract (considered a super fruit for pregnancy).

For further details please visit the website – there is a special offer providing 10% OFF purchases when using this Coupon Code: UNITY14.




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