The Seventies Spin for Louis Vuitton SS15

Everyone was waiting to see Nicolas Ghesquiere’s take over at Louis Vuitton and it looks like he has reinvented the 70’s classics.

When you look at each piece alone you see simplicity, lots of jeans a very laid back and plenty in between – it is all about the way you put them together bringing the 70’s era back with a modern chicness.

The vintage bag look is very different to the usual Louis Vuitton bags – boots have super hero twist designs and some heels are a shape of a flower, adding some quirkiness to some pieces with printed animation designs of cars, salt and pepper and lipsticks.


Enjoyed the preview with my friend Weilyn Loh

Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-15Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-6 Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-25 Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-13 Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-12Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-9 Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-23 Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-4 Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-10 Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-8 Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-5 Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-16 Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-2 Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-19 Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-24 Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-7Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-22Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-21 Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-14Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-1Louis-Vuitton-SS15-Private-Preview-20

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