The Palm Tree Print Beach Dress

I love this beach dress mainly because of the palm tree print!  I have always been a fan of palm trees, perhaps because of my Middle Eastern background and that draws me back to my childhood of sunshine and memories of dates falling off the palm trees at my grandmothers house.

I met a lovely international photographer Tyson in Sant Andrea hotel in Sicily who was shooting for the hotel magazine – we started talking about cameras and photography, he was very kind to share with me so many tips and tricks. Tyson also shot me with some creative effects that I shared at the time on my Instagram.  Before he travelled, Tyson came back to the hotel just to say goodbye and I was getting ready to shoot my look. He set my camera up and advised me to shoot this look by the infinity pool to create the shadow and amazing background.  The look was shot with different lights and I liked all effects! What are your thoughts?

I have found through my blogging experience as an amateur photographer with an SLR Camera – the best way to learn is by picking up information from various professional photographers. Don’t be afraid to ask they are normally more than happy to help.

What I wore: Palm Tree Print Dress: Pily Q Beachcafe.comSunglasses: MiuMiu.

PilyQ-Palm-Tree-Print-Dress-Sicily-Italy-2 PilyQ-Palm-Tree-Print-Dress-Sicily-Italy-1 PilyQ-Palm-Tree-Print-Dress-Sicily-Italy-3 PilyQ-Palm-Tree-Print-Dress-Sicily-Italy-4 PilyQ-Palm-Tree-Print-Dress-Sicily-Italy-5 PilyQ-Palm-Tree-Print-Dress-Sicily-Italy-7 PilyQ-Palm-Tree-Print-Dress-Sicily-Italy-6 PilyQ-Palm-Tree-Print-Dress-Sicily-Italy-8


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