Visiting Italy in June this year was a magical experience.  It has become one of my favourite places to visit during the summer and we plan a different town each time.  Last year we visited Positano which is still one my favourite destinations in the world and went on to Capri which was a very fun and fashionable little town.  This time we opted to visit Sicily – home of the Godfather!!

We stayed at a beautiful hotel by the beach Sant Andrea, it was very relaxing and the view was breathtaking – I shared everything on my snapchat and Instagram you can search for the images on Instagram by using the hashtag #FashionLollipopInItaly.

The thing that fascinates me most about Italy is the amazing hospitality, Italians go out of their way to help and let’s not forget about the Italian food, pasta and fresh sea food…ahhh I can taste it all just by thinking about it…yummy

I wore this wonderful dress by Sofia by Vix from and found the perfect spot for photos in order to create the typical Italian Riviera look.  I love how it is a mix of pattern play and colours.

I was walking around the hotel to the location for the photo shoot and a lovely lady thought that I was preparing for a fashion show in the hotel and mentioned to her partner whatever this girl is selling I am buying!Lol   Anyway I happened to notice her as well and thought what a stylish lady, we began talking and it turned out she was a big fan of and buys her summer wardrobe online every year, her next buy would be the dress I am wearing! 😉

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