Sparkling in the streets of Paris

Sparkling in the streets of Paris

Name to know: I recently discovered the young emerging Saudi designer who happens to share my same Birthday ‘Arwa Al Banawi’.  I loved her passion for creating a unique concept in the fashion industry for the modern powerful woman. She has taken inspiration from men’s suits/tuxedo’s but tailored for a feminine fit and embracing it strongly into the Arab world.
Ok I hear what your saying, suits for women already exist? Yes, in the Western world and women are confident enough to pull the style off –  but the Middle Eastern market still needs some getting used too!
Arwa Al Banawi has introduced ‘Suits For Women’ in a different way, by adding glamour, sparkle, girly colours, print and strong feminine touches to each style of her designs.
The sparkly suit caught my eye while I was reviewing her new collection for SS17 in Paris.  Then and there I grabbed it and said I need to show this piece off to the fashion street style world! Wore it to the Hermes show knowing it would get so much attention and create a positive reaction.
I loved how feminine and alluring the suit looks yet it has a strong masculine power to it and I felt great wearing it.

Photos taken after the Hermes show in Paris by Hana Le Van.

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