Happy Comic Relief Day!

Princesse Tam Tam are supporting the Comic Relief and have decided to send me their SS13 Authentic Pretty Pyjama for the ‘Wear Your Pyjamas To Work Day’ campaign to raise money for the awareness – if I wear it and post it on FashionLollipop.com they will donate £50 to the Good Cause – so I am willing to do something funny for money..:-)

If you see me walking down the street in pyjamas (don’t think I am crazy) after all the latest fashion trend on the catwalks has been pyjama suits..;-P

Princesse Tam Tam are holding a prize to win just like my Pretty Pyjama’ for 3 lucky winners Click Here to find out how YOU could be the lucky one.;-)


People on the street made lots of comments about my pyjamas with high heels..hehe

What do you about styling high heels with pyjamas – does it work?

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