Shahrazad Fashion Show

I was asked to host a fashion show earlier this year in London in order to show case a number of Middle Eastern designers.   The famous Dubai based designer Zeena Zaki (who is also a very dear friend) was due to present her catwalk collection but unfortunately could not make the event.

I was very pleased to present the show and to introduce the designers and what excited me most was the opportunity to meet my followers – many of whom sent me wonderfully kind messages with photos of their tickets.

Presenting has always been an ambition of mine and growing up I always wanted to be a presenter on television. However after graduating I was offered a job in marketing of luxury goods and my life took a different path.

I did not get much time in advance to talk to each designer in detail about their inspirations and detailed designs – I was learning about them and seeing their designs right on the spot backstage before presenting their collections to the audience! On the night I was really nervous, but having walked out onto the catwalk I felt the positive energy and was so pleased to see all the excited faces – I managed to make it work.

The event was also the perfect opportunity to connect and finally meet with a friend from Canada and fellow blogger Rasha (@IwakeupIVmakeup). Rasha is a qualified make-up artist and is incredibly knowledgeable and talented. She shares lots of useful information with helpful details and tips on her Snapchat @Rasha8969. One of her home remedies which was well received was the Turmeric face mask and she stills gets live snaps from girls recreating it at home.  She has to be one of my favourite beauty and make-up bloggers and I am always learning something new from her.

I was so pleased that Rasha and her lovely sister Rana decided to book a ticket and fly to London to see me and provide their support – we were friends for almost a year through social media and have been waiting for the day to meet. We were long lost sisters and when we met before the show we were jumping up and down with excitement! I loved seeing their faces when I walked onto the stage and it gave me great confidence.

We spent the next few days meeting up everyday, talking about everything and exploring London – I had the best time with them.

We decided to manage an Instagram account together called @LondonTown – it is an account that will always keep us close and connected and for us to share our favourite style picks for inspiration and to support other girls in fashion. We created a special hashtag #TeamLollipop for girls to use in order to be featured. The account has been kicking off really well so far and were having so much with it.

Outfit by Paul Costelloe – Shoes: Manolo Blahnik.

Hair and Make-up by Rasha and Rana @IwakeIVwithMakeup.

Photos by Victoria Metaxas.

We started off getting ready at Rasha and Rana’s hotel room, both sisters have been preparing and studying my face and waiting for the day to glam me up! I was so excited to have my make-up and hair done by them, which ended up in a fabulous result.

Meeting up in London has brought us closer together and there isn’t a day that passes when we don’t speak!  The power of social media has made me great friends from all over the world.

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