Royal Ascot 2015 – Monique Lee Hat

I spent a wonderful day at Royal Ascot on Friday and was lucky to have been invited for lunch and to watch the races from one of the corporate boxes, the view of the finish line was excellent – those of you keeping up with me on SnapChat will have shared some fun moments with me!

I was picking winners by the names of the horses which was really fun like Father Christmas, Ahlan Emarati, and Magic Dancer.
The most exciting part of being at Royal Ascot is the opportunity to dress up for the season and to wear an eye catching hat.  I had the privilege of wearing another hat from the most creative Milliner Monique Lee who always puts so much thought into designing her hats. As it was very last minute that I mentioned my attendance at Royal Ascot, there wasn’t much time for her to design a special hat that reflects my character like previous ones but Monique immediately thought about one ‘Pink Hat’ which she was commissioned a month earlier by the Birmingham City Council Parks Department to design a range of floral hats for the opening of Chelsea Flower Show 2015 for the team to wear and this was hugely popular.
Monique said: ‘this hat will be perfect for you, as you love pink and I am sure you have the perfect floral dress to go with it’  and she was exactly right! 
Monique Lee loved designing the collection for Chelsea Flower Show as the collection was a new experience for her as hats had previously been individual designs.  The collection of hats was made with silk flowers picked from the plant list the Jubilee Diamond Award winning the Chelsea Flower Show Garden and she was inspired by Birmingham’s Cathedral’s beautiful stained glass.
The hat I wore will now be going back and kept in their archive – I feel special to have had the chance to have worn it and I must say I received lots of compliments for the hat and the whole look.  A young lady commented: I would like to say I have been working here for four days but your hat and dress are the nicest I have seen’ – these kind words gave me a big smile and I was pleased to have had the opportunity to represent Monique.
What I wore: Floral Dress: Marc Jacobs – Purple Pumps: Rupert Sanderson – Bag: Coach.
Royal-Ascot-2015-Hats-Monique-Lee-Milliner-1 Royal-Ascot-2015-Hats-Monique-Lee-Milliner-2 Royal-Ascot-2015-Floral-Hat Royal-Ascot-2015-Hats-Monique-Lee-Milliner-5 Royal-Ascot-2015-Hats-Monique-Lee-Milliner-6 Royal-Ascot-2015-Hats-Monique-Lee-Milliner-7 Royal-Ascot-2015-Hats-Monique-Lee-Milliner-8 Royal-Ascot-2015-Hats-9 Royal-Ascot-2015-Hats-Monique-Lee-Milliner-11 Royal-Ascot-2015-Hats-Monique-Lee-Milliner-12 Royal-Ascot-2015-Hats-with-Nazer-Bullen13
 Bumped into the lovely Nazer Bullen who was looking so fabulous – I put my flats on for comfort at the end of the day..hehe
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