Visiting the Chelsea Flower Show for the first time this year was absolutely magnificent experience – the amazing gardens, glorious flowers and the beautiful pop of colours everywhere were inspirational.

I was getting inspiration from everything for a future garden or colour combinations for styling my looks. I shared all my favourite moments on SnapChat and Instagram, which received a fantastic response from viewers asking about the event and saying how much they enjoyed seeing all the glamorous flowers.

We then had a lovely dinner in the evening at the Fortnum & Mason Marquee at the Chelsea Flower Show – which was so beautifully decorated with flowers and a great Jazz Band entertainment, the food also had edible flowers and pretty deserts to look at and taste.

I dressed in a floral style to suit the occasion and received plenty of compliments – either my skirt, top or shoes and mostly the hat, two ladies came up to me and said: ” We just wanted to let you know that we love your hat and think it is as pretty as the flowers here” (such a lovely compliment).

What I wore: Sparkly Hat: @SereneAssaad – Cat Eye Top: @TheKript – Jeans Skirt: This is Denim by Sauce Boutique – Blue Loafers: Rupert Sanderson – Neon Pink Cross body Bag: Coach.

RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-ThisIsDenim-FloralSkirt-1 RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-ThisIsDenim-FloralSkirt-4 RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Dubai-Garden

The Dubai inspired, Beauty of Islam garden designed by Kamelia Bin Zaal was her first garden and she won a Silver Prize.

RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Dubai-Garden.2 RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Dubai-Islamic-Garden RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Dubai-Garden-The-Beauty-of-Islam RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Tropical-Garden.jpg-2 RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Tropical-GardenRHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Dramatic-WaterFall

The Tropical Garden was my favourite – I just loved the dramatic waterfall.

RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Tropical-Garden RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Dramatic-Waterfall RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-ThisIsDenim-FloralSkirt-2 RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-ThisIsDenim-FloralSkirt-3 RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Turtle-Sculpture RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Tree-Sculpture James-Parker-RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-2015

James Parker himself and his wonderful sculptures – I loved the peace sign and the delicious apple below.

James-Parker-Peace-Sculpture RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-James-Parker-Apple-Sculpture RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Bonsai-Tree-Satsuki-Nikko-Sakura

The adorable Bonsai Japanese little trees..

RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-2015.jpg-2 RHS-Chelse-Flower-Show-2015 RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Lupinus RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-ThisIsDenim-FloralSkirt-5

Everything smelled so amazing..

RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Peony-Flowers-1 RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Peony-Flowers-2

Peonies have been one of my favourite flowers since I had the beautiful white peonies as my wedding bouquet.

RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Peony-Flowers-3 RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Red-Charm-Peony

This vibrant Peony is called the ‘Red Charm’

RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Peony-Flowers-4 RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-SereneAssaad-Sparkly-Hat

Orchids are wonderful flowers to have – they grow every season and don’t need much water and last forever! I have had my Orchids for 5 years.

RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Orchids RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Phalaenopsis-Orchids RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Phalaenopsis.jpg-2 Fortnum-and-Mason-RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show

The food was delicious and beautifully displayed – a very British summer feeling at the Fortnum & Mason restaurant.

Fortnum-and-Mason-RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show.jpg-2 RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show-Jazz-Band Fortnum-and-Mason-RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show.jpg-3

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