Peter Pilotto – Pre Spring/Summer 2016

I enjoyed viewing Peter Pilotto’s pre SS16 collection at Moda Operandi and meeting the creative designers. We talked about the details and the main focus of their new collection – as we all know they have made an impression on the global fashion scene with their vibrant colors and particular mix of prints.

Interestingly for SS16 they are moving away from print, being innovative and focusing on embroidery and texture with jacquard details.  Their inspiration has come from old games such as Ludo, Monopoly and created an Ancient Greek style collection in which the collaboration with Ancient Greek Sandals fell into place.

The gladiator sandals are totally on my wish list and I have been on the hunt for some colourful ones!  When I saw these I was desperately asking to purchase them NOW, but unfortunately will have to wait until November 2016.

Peter-Pilotto-Pre-Spring-2016 Peter-Pilotto-Pre-Spring-2016-Ancient-Greek-Sandals-6 Peter-Pilotto-Pre-Spring-2016-Ancient-Greek-Sandals-9 Peter-Pilotto-Pre-Spring-2016-Ancient-Greek-Sandals-5 Peter-Pilotto-Pre-Spring-2016-Ancient-Greek-Sandals-10 Peter-Pilotto-Pre-Spring-2016-Ancient-Greek-Sandals-12 Peter-Pilotto-Pre-Spring-2016-Ancient-Greek-Sandals-2 Peter-Pilotto-Pre-Spring-2016-Ancient-Greek-Sandals-4 Peter-Pilotto-Pre-Spring-2016-Ancient-Greek-Sandals-3 Peter-Pilotto-Pre-Spring-2016-Ancient-Greek-Sandals-1 Peter-Pilotto-Pre-Spring-2016-Ancient-Greek-Sandals-13 Peter-Pilotto-Pre-Spring-2016-Ancient-Greek-Sandals-18 Peter-Pilotto-Pre-Spring-2016-Ancient-Greek-Sandals-17 Peter-Pilotto-Pre-Spring-2016-Ancient-Greek-Sandals-16 Peter-Pilotto-Pre-Spring-2016-Ancient-Greek-Sandals-15 Peter-Pilotto-Pre-Spring-2016-Ancient-Greek-Sandals-14



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