Here it is the big day has finally come – one of my favourite designers Liz Black  who is known for designing Lady Gaga’s famous ‘Circle Dress’ (Click) has collaborated with River Island!

“The first time I visited London I went shopping in River Island, where I ended up buying much more than I intended! I never imagined that 14 years later I would be asked to design a Capsule Collection especially for them. Working with the River Island team has been a fantastic experience and professionally very rewarding.” LIZ BLACK

Liz Black takes inspiration from Russian Princess Anastasia Romanova the youngest daughter of the last sovereign of Imperial Russia, Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Tsarina Alexandra Fyodorovna. Anastasia is rumored to have died in tragic circumstances but many believe she survived and made her way to freedom.


With her background in print design, the exclusive print Liz Black has created for this collection evokes the feeling of running through the Russian woods where Anastasia made her escape. A collection inspired by night for going out at night. 

The collection goes on sale in selected stores in the UK and internationally and online at in September 2014 with prices ranging from £30 to £100. LIZ_BLACK_LOOK_4_FINAL LIZ_BLACK_LOOK_3_FINAL LIZ_BLACK_LOOK_2_FINAL

 Can’t wait to get my hands on one of those pieces!


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