Celebrating Halloween isn’t really my thing! I hate watching Horror Movies and always end up having nightmares!  Growing up my older brother would make me watch Chucky and Dolly Dearest after which I would hide my dolls in the basement especially the one who looked like Dolly Dearest!

My best friend’s birthday is a week before Halloween and she takes it very seriously – everyone attending her Birthday/Halloween Party must dress up for the occasion!  She likes to choose my character and this year I was my own worst NIGHTMARE Dolly Dearest (Broken Doll) – but I had to make her colourful to add some Maya Style and to reflect my positive personality.

It was lots of fun getting ready with the girls and becoming a scary character, a make up artist ‘Emily Moore’ was on hand to create our looks and we went on to party at Annabel’s.  (If you follow me on Instagram then you must have already seen my scary look!)

Dolly Dearest Trailer Movie – I must have been 8 or 9 when I watched the movie.
Halloween Broken Doll - Broken Barbie-1 Halloween Broken Doll - Broken Barbie-2 Halloween Broken Doll - Broken Barbie-5 Halloween Broken Doll - Broken Barbie-3 Halloween Broken Doll - Broken Barbie-4 Halloween Broken Doll - Broken Barbie-10 Halloween Broken Dolls Make-Up Halloween Broken Doll - Broken Barbie-9

Many thanks to Susu (Fusion Management) the ‘Sexy Cop’ for her excellent photos..x

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