Glow in the Dark Dress by Liz Black

I loved wearing Liz Black’s SS15 dresses in Dubai this season, the collection is full of vibrant colors and girly styles with an edge -a taste of fashion candy!  I showed them off at the Marina during daytime, apart from this one – wore the neon dress at night time to pop out and glow even more with the sparkling skyscraper lights of Dubai.

It was so windy and the dress was blowing around – I certainly had a Marilyn Monroe moment. 😉

What I wore: Neon yellow and pink dress: Liz Black – Neon Yellow Shoes: Manolo Blahnik .

Liz-Black-Yellow-Neon-Dress-Dubai-SkyScrapers-1 Liz-Black-Yellow-Neon-Dress-Dubai-SkyScrapers-2 Liz-Black-Yellow-Neon-Dress-Dubai-SkyScrapers-3 Liz-Black-Yellow-Neon-Dress-Dubai-SkyScrapers-7 Liz-Black-Yellow-Neon-Dress-Dubai-SkyScrapers-6 Marilyn-Monroe-Blowing-Dress-Moment Liz-Black-Yellow-Neon-Dress-Dubai-SkyScrapers-8 Liz-Black-Yellow-Neon-Dress-Dubai-SkyScrapers-9




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