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I always share my daily beauty products on Snapchat and show make-up tutorials from time to time. Thankfully the feed back has been amazingly positive with lots of girls finding my daily beauty routines very useful.

I love to try and explore so many brands, yet I am so picky when it comes to foundation as my skin can react easily to the wrong product.  The one brand that I have found to be spectacular with their foundations and can’t stop using or turn my back on is Armani.  I tried every single type of their foundations and have my favourites among some, but over all I own all in my beauty kit.

I don’t want to confuse you if you haven’t tried any of their products yet!  I narrowed them down to start off with these first and will share the rest soon.

Chanel is second best for foundations – I have a few of my repeated favourites, but earlier this year I started using the Le Beiges and I am loving it.

Tip: I always buy shades that are slightly lighter or exactly my tone and often mix them together when applied – I don’t buy darker than my skin tone and leave that to the bronzers to do the trick! I also love mixing matt and slightly dewy foundations together.

The Foundations:

Armani Face Fabric Number 2 & 3: (Says what it is) Feels like soft silk fabric that glides on – a must have in my make-up kit, applied for all occasions daily or evening. It is a mouse texture and really light on, I use it with a slightly heavier foundation if I want more coverage for the evening.  I mix the two different shades all the time.
Armani Supreme glow reviving tinted cream 03 Fair Glow: A little heavy on, but gives a beautiful natural glow, perfect for special evenings or a dressing up night. I love applying it when I have photoshoots.
Chanel Les Beiges No:20: Gives beautiful coverage and I love mixing it with the Armani Supreme glow. Dewy texture, has full coverage but in a natural look.
Chanel Primer Le Blanc De Chanel: It gives a little illuminating finish but matifies the face nicely with out any shininess.

I have oily to combination skin, so I’m often avoiding products that shine – in an hour my skin will naturally shine! However these foundations have given me great results and if they are slightly dewy that is in a natural glowy way rather than oily shiny way!

Remember I use powder above my foundations to set the look and that often helps avoid shininess.

I highly recommend you go into the stores and try all my suggestions to see if it would work on you or not? One thing I know for sure is Face Fabric is always a winner. I buy it for birthday presents to dry or oily skin types with the luminous silk foundation and in the end everyone is hooked!

A recent look in Beverly Hills when I had my make-up done by me, using all these recommended foundations.

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