Eudon Choi AW15/16 – LFW

The Korean born designer Eudon Choi known for his clean lines and oversized structured garments took inspiration from Japanese architectural movement using powerful panel blocking and interestingly adding florals into the structured mix of ensembles.

The collection was very tailored with strong hues such as rose pink, striking yellow and red. I particularly liked the oversized fringe shawls and tailored with stripes of rose pink pants – styled with a floral top giving a vibe of sports-luxe with a touch of softness.

Eudon-Choi-LFW-AW15-16-6 Eudon-Choi-LFW-AW15-16-1 Eudon-Choi-LFW-AW15-16-13 Eudon-Choi-LFW-AW15-16-7 Eudon-Choi-LFW-AW15-16-8 Eudon-Choi-LFW-AW15-16-3 Eudon-Choi-LFW-AW15-16-9 Eudon-Choi-LFW-AW15-16-5 Eudon-Choi-LFW-AW15-16-4 Eudon-Choi-LFW-AW15-16-12 Eudon-Choi-LFW-AW15-16-2 Eudon-Choi-LFW-AW15-16-11 Eudon-Choi-LFW-AW15-16-10



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