Charlotte Olympia SS15 Collection – It happened out West!

Shoes shoes shoes aren’t we too shoe obsessed or maybe I am!

When it comes to Charlotte Olympia’s Shoes, I get super excited – it’s just like a little girl in a Toy store hopping around wanting to try on everything and own all!

I have been a big fan of Charlotte Olympia shoes for a while and own a number of her fun, colorful unique and very high with comfort pumps. My girl-friends identify me as a Charlotte Olympia girl!

Lots of girls always have the regular conversation about fashion and a question is often asked – Are you a shoe or handbag girl? My answer is definitely a shoe girl – shoes compliment the whole look while a handbag is immediately put to one side and most times not noticed!

I like my bags small and light for me the purpose is for essentials (lipstick, credit card, house keys and phone). Lucky for us Charlotte Olympia has been designing light characteristic bags and now has her signature kitty purses and different styles of classic handbags.

For SS15 the collection is Wild Wild West inspired, launched together with her first classic handbag line.


Charlotte-Olympia-SS15-Wild-West-8 Charlotte-Olympia-SS15-Wild-West-2 Charlotte-Olympia-SS15-Wild-West-3 Charlotte-Olympia-SS15-Wild-West-4 Charlotte-Olympia-SS15-Wild-West-5 Charlotte-Olympia-SS15-Wild-West-6 Charlotte-Olympia-SS15-Wild-West-7 Charlotte-Olympia-SS15-Wild-West-11 Charlotte-Olympia-SS15-Wild-West-10 Charlotte-Olympia-SS15-Wild-West-9 Charlotte-Olympia-SS15-Wild-West-13 Charlotte-Olympia-SS15-Wild-West-12 Charlotte-Olympia-SS15-Wild-West-1 Charlotte-Olympia-SS15-Wild-West-16 Charlotte-Olympia-SS15-Wild-West-14Charlotte-Olympia-SS15-Christmas-Shoes-Collection-18

The Classic Christmas Shoe Collection..

Charlotte-Olympia-SS15-Heart-Me-Valentine-Collection-17The Heart Me Valentine Collection..

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  1. Vanessa says:

    I love them especially the heels with the cowboy on, and I think I would like to put myself in the handbag category, my crazy shoe collection means I am defiantly a shoe girl

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