Camilla Beach Dress

Camilla Beach Dress

I am still sharing my Thailand trip even though I am in Marbella at the moment and have been to so many other destinations since and wore lots of different fab summer outfits!

Not to worry I will catch up to everything soon. Lots have happened in 2016 and most of my journey is shared instantly on Social media so everyone is well up to date, the blog is a followed up diary to look back on things.

One thing that hasn’t changed for sure at summer time is my shopping habits and favourite summer sites, such as and

It was so hot and humid in Thailand, all I could wear was shorts or a beach sarong plus they don’t have air conditioning anywhere. I wore this dress only for photo purposes at sunset, found this amazing spot by the beach full of fishing boats and surrounded by some left over plastic bags and dirt on sand – I loved the authentic Thai feel to it.

P.s. I am currently wearing this dress in Marbella, perfect weather for it and have got lots of compliments so far.


Hair Flower Band: from Thailand.

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