Basharatyan V designs her collection each season through an inspiration of a perfect specific location and the AW14 collection is based on the nature conservation paradise ‘Heidmark’ in Iceland which also names the collection.

The inspiration influences the feel and colour palette of the collection with icy-blues, neutral creams, silver, soft hued prints, snow whites and pastel blue styled with vibrant reds.  The style of her designs were very much the 1980’s look with cropped tops, knee length skirts and shoulder padded wool coats using luxurious fabrics.

Maya-FashionLollipop with Pandemonia-Doll

It is always fun to see Pandemonia and her cute puppy..

basharatyan_v_aw14_001 basharatyan_v_aw14_003 basharatyan_v_aw14_004 basharatyan_v_aw14_005 basharatyan_v_aw14_006 basharatyan_v_aw14_007 basharatyan_v_aw14_008 basharatyan_v_aw14_009 basharatyan_v_aw14_010 basharatyan_v_aw14_011 basharatyan_v_aw14_012 basharatyan_v_aw14_013 basharatyan_v_aw14_014 basharatyan_v_aw14_018 basharatyan_v_aw14_019 basharatyan_v_aw14_020 basharatyan_v_aw14_021 basharatyan_v_aw14_022 basharatyan_v_aw14_024 basharatyan_v_aw14_025

Basharatyan V. AW14 from FASHION SCOUT

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