Abatti Fashion Show – Dubai

Since it’s Ramadan, the Abaya and Jalabiya attire is the right time of the month to wear!

At the beginning of the year I attended a fashion show in Dubai at the Armani Hotel held by designer Lamya Abedin behind the brand Queen of Spades.

She is well known for not designing the traditional Abaya! Adding a twist and creating a stylish and fashionable Abayas that can be relatable to all cultures – it could be a kaftan, an evening dress or worn over a figure hugging dress as a statement cover up.

The Abaya’s labeled ‘Abatti’ which translates to (My Abaya) – at the fashion show were a mix up of so many different styles and fabrics, such as embroidery, lace, sheer, floral, cultured prints and some accessorized with waist belts and large bows – a wide exotic selection that appeals to all.

The energy at the catwalk was marvellous, everyone was admiring each piece -the models had dramatic big hair and the final walk was by the famous Dubai based beauty bloggers and sisters Huda Beauty and Mona Kattan.


I wore dress by Remami from Cartel Dubai

Abbati-Fashion-Show- with-Lulu and-Sofia-D-Collection-3

With my mom Lulu far left and designer Sofia @SofiaDCollection

Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai- Reemami-Dress-5 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-6Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-4Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-7Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-11 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-12 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-13 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-14 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-15 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-16 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-17 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-18 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-1 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-25 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-26 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-27 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-28 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-29 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-30 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-33 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-34 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-19Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-35 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-36 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-10Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-Huda Beauty-31

Huda Kattan Above and Mona Kattan sisters behind  Huda Beauty blog.

Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-Mona Kattan-32
Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-9 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Dubai-Armani-Hotel-8 Abbati-Fashion-Show-Amira-StreetStyle Dubai - Sara from Rotana TV-20

With Amira @StreetStyleDubai and Sara presenter for Rotana Fashion TV


I was mesmerised by all the abayas at the fashion show.  Shortly after the event, I went over to Sofia’s (@SofiaDCollection) show room and tried on one of her amazing Abaya designs.


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