Happy January 2016!

The usual cliche of time flies, how did we get here so fast??  If you sit back and look at something that is calming in front of you (trees or a river) and think about everything you did in the last year.  You will find it took a long year for you to get here with lots done and achieved.  Well Done!

Most importantly why not start the year with some bold colours?  I have been very lucky for being able to inspire lots of you to challenge black/grey and wear colours.  Those who haven’t had the strength to do so yet – 2016 is your year to feel good and gain the confidence to challenge yourself.

Colour isn’t only for skinny girls – it looks good on everyone and would make you look so much more powerful and can truly change the way you feel each day.

Series 3 from the shoot.

I clashed bright yellow with a winter brown over sized jacket and added some print with my clover shoes. The big hair with round sunglasses created a very strong 70’s feel to the look.

Look 3:

Oversized Jacket: Henrik Vibskov – Dress: JaeWoo Lee – Sunglasses: Andy Wolf – Lucky Clover Shoes: Camilla Elphick (My Own). All outfits are available at Cartel Boutique in Dubai.

Location: @soulartcenter
Maya-Williams-wearing-JaeWooLee-Yellow-Dress-Cartel-Dubai-1 Maya-Williams-wearing-JaeWooLee-Yellow-Dress-Cartel-Dubai-2 Maya-Williams-wearing-JaeWooLee-Yellow-Dress-Cartel-Dubai-3 Maya-Williams-wearing-JaeWooLee-Yellow-Dress-Cartel-Dubai-4 Maya-Williams-wearing-JaeWooLee-Yellow-Dress-Cartel-Dubai-5 Maya-Williams-wearing-JaeWooLee-Yellow-Dress-Cartel-Dubai-6 Maya-Williams-wearing-JaeWooLee-Yellow-Dress-Cartel-Dubai-7 Maya-Williams-wearing-JaeWooLee-Yellow-Dress-Cartel-Dubai-8 Maya-Williams-wearing-JaeWooLee-Yellow-Dress-Cartel-Dubai-9 Maya-Williams-wearing-JaeWooLee-Yellow-Dress-Cartel-Dubai-10
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  1. Jenni Bailey says:

    You have a wonderful figure! My favourite colour is yellow, in dreary UK a bit of brightness is needed to cheer yourself up!

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